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  • Magnificent HW @ www.HWfarm.com
  • Magnificent HW @ www.HWfarm.com
  • Magnificent HW @ www.HWfarm.com

Magnificent HW @ www.HWfarm.com

Cadence, fantastic movement and rideability, one for the big ring, FEI classes, here we come!

Magnificent HW is like a clone in just everything to his sire Martinez.Martinez is standing tall in style, a son of Millennium, who is equipped with the finest character and is extremely capable of performance. With this charming beaming horse, light-footed, sublime movement quality meets convincing rideability and lets you already imagine a very special star among the dressage horses community. A gentleman in a beautiful, chocolate brown color, which convinces every day with its smooth gaits and the uncomplicated, yet committed work attitude. We were impressed from the first moment by the qualities of this youngster. So Martinez was able to master his 14-day test with flying colours after only a short time under the saddle and also the required sports test was easy for him. Last year, Martinez was able to win both riding and dressage horse tests in his competitions. An almost perfect young stallion in a class of its own with the very best future perspectives, which is fun every day!Also the first foal year of Martinez grants us “a lot of fun”! So he was able to set the undisputed price point in the spring at the elite auction in Verden. A beautiful colt in the sought-after Rappfarbe changed for 21,500 € into the hands of renowned stallion breeders. These innate talents do not come by chance: his father Millennium was himself Reserve Champion of the Trakehner licensing 2010 in Neumünster. As part of his performance tests (30-day test in Moritzburg and 70-day test in Neustadt / Dosse) he was able to draw attention again, scored in Neutstadt / Dosse with 8.66 the highest dressage final score of the 37 candidates there. He was able to win several times in young horses in riding and dressage horse tests, u.A. Vice-champion at the Trakehner Bundesturnier and is now under Kristina Bröring-Sprehe successful in the heavy class. The undisputed sire quality of Millennium does not need many words, with an impressive debut as a stallion father in 2014, he could already place his impression on several winner and premium stallions. In almost all breeding areas, the descendants of the Millennium were awarded in striking numbers and achieved top prices at various auctions. Other pedigree of Martinez are Lauries Crusador xx and De Niro (2015 again confirmed as the world’s best dressage sire), successful greates of the current dressage horse breeding united. From this dam line among other things the licensed stallions Lloyd Webber (PB Oldb.) And Semino (LB Moritzburg) as well as numerous, in both branches of the sport up to the class S successful horses emerged, i.e. Callington v. Cool Man successful under Bastian Freese. As part of the licensing already by breeding director Werner Schade, described as a type-strong stallion with finishing qualities, we offer you with this leggy Nobelmann another very interesting blood alternative.Magnificent HW’s dam is by the Hanoverian stallion of the year Rotspon, an exceptional stallion by the world famous sire Rubinstein 1. The career of Rubinstein 1 is marked by tremendous highlights. He was runner-up of the stallion performance test, winner of the Optimum of Westphalian Riding Horses in Munster in 1990 and I-a main premium winner in Oldenburg in the same year, as well as being federal vice-champion of 6 year old dressage horses in Verden in 1992. He became a successful international dressage horse with Nicole Uphoff. He is a phenomenal producer of both licensed stallions and mares and dressage horses. His damsire Argentan 1 had the reputation of a phenomenal ‘maker of mares’ in the Hanover breeding region.At his performance test in Adelheidsdorf in 1998 Rotspon came first in the overall placing and first in dressage. He has a character and temperament score of 9. A conformation score of 8, a jumping ability score of 8 and rideability scores of 9 and 10. He has an outstanding walk score of 8, (the average is 6.3) his trot is also very high of 8.33 (against the average of 6.38). His canter score of 9 puts him again well above the average. Rotspon is very elegantly made with a noble black colour with a lot of expression and great appearance. He is big-framed with good riding horse points, a lot of substance and correct conformation. He has high rideability, quality basic gaits and a very good attitude. Besides his extraordinary dressage he also has a good jumping result. Apart from his famous sire, Rubinstein 1 Rotspon also has a great pedigree on his dam side; Argentan by Absatz and Paragona by Pik Bube.Rotspon has spectacular movement, a beautiful temperament and outstanding ability. He has an incredible rideability as does his foals. His first foals totally met the high expectations of Celle. Numerous foals enriched the Verden foal auctions. His foals have beautiful heads and a good conformation (long sloping shoulder, long well set up neck.) They are equipped with a very elastic trot and a ground covering walk. In 2009 29 offspring were terrific advertisements for their sire in advanced level dressage tests, one winning the Lower Saxonian Championships for Young Riders, and the Golden Rider’s Badge. He has 17 licensed sons, 163 state premium mares, 697 main stud book mares, and 237 auction horses. Winning sum of progeny Euro 970,391.00. He is recognized as one of the top dressage sires in Germany.HLP 1995: 145.67/1/33; DI 148.72/1; SI 118.74/7 Breeding Values: Dressage Young horse (122) Competition (129) Own achievement (135) Jumping Young horse (71) Competition (72) Own achievement (53) Riding type (88) Conformation (83) Dressage (119) Jumping (79)

Magnificent HW himself, is a breathtaking horse of definite Champion quality, equipped with absolutely phenomenal gaits, presenting himself with wonderful self-carriage. 100% rideability and a super character His stallion type (he is a gelding!!) will mesmerize everybody alike. He is a horse who casts his spell on every single person, a super fancy mover who knows to impress due to his type and work ethic. He is supple and has a ton of air time. He just floats above the ground, with his free shoulder and huge grundschwung, he swings nicely through his back, is light in the bridle and easy to sit. This extremely talented gentleman has definite international potential. A stunning horse whom has all the looks and personality a person could ever hope for. He has a super nice head and neck set, if he blinks with his beautiful kind eye, you’ll fall in love at first sight. Magnificent HW has cat like movement and is as elastic as they get. His hooves barley touch the ground. He loves to please his handler and rider, to learn new things is his hobby as well as eagerly working under saddle. He does an amazing job in the dressage arena and with his quick, far reaching hind leg, passage and piaffe will come naturally to him. He is a very sweet boy, easy to handle and loves his personal grooming time and puts his head right in your lap, striving for attention and searching for treats. Uncomplicated on the ground and under saddle, easy to ride and an amateur, YR or professional will enjoy him just the same. Outstanding personality, gaits, looks and temperament. He will be the star in FEI classes and at clinics, the judges and onlookers will remember him where ever he goes. Magnificent HW is used to go in the hot walker, loves his shower and solarium time. Stands for the farrier, loads and appreciates grooming time. Magnificent HW has the attitude of a real gentleman. This young stunner will go far in the dressage ring, he is your ticket to the top! The goal of HW Farm is, to find highly talented young horses in Germany for riders in the USA and all over the world. Buy him now and show him yourself in the Young Horse Championships or take him to the BundesChampionships.

X-rays on file!Price includes import and quarantine to NY, check out his video clip!!!

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