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  • May Fay Texel

May Fay Texel

Green started, imported, motivated to sell

2017 KWPN mare by Ferdinand available for your consideration, and hoping to move quick- my loss is your gain. Fabulous and sweet mare imported from the breeder in May of 2021 and was not under saddle. I let her rest until September, and then began lunging and working on the ground, sat on her, and walked while on a lunge line. I sent her off to be started/sacked out October-December, and she has been on my back burner due to no fault of her own as we are building a barn and construction is taking over. This mare is easy to handle, clips, loads, stands for the farrier, and travels easy. She is incredibly sweet on the ground and to be groomed and LOVES the construction men and will go groom and nuzzle them over the fence when they are working nearby. Not mareish whatsoever, no squeal, charge, kick, bite, attitude, etc. I honestly can’t even tell when she cycles. Under saddle she is sensitive and hot minded, not dangerous or spooky, but needs someone confident and that enjoys that type of hot brain. She can get nervous if unsure of what you’re asking, and both the trainer she went to and myself think it’s a confidence thing and she just needs patience and consistency. Right now I do not have the time to give her the proper time commitment and start in her riding career that she needs and deserves. She will be a great horse once she’s going, and really wish I could keep her around long enough, but she needs to move along.

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